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Faith: Making Time for God.

So we all have busy lives right? Some weeks and days are busier than others and it's so easy for in those times to leave God and ready the Bible on the back burner. I'll admit I do it and I bet many of you have aswell.
So here's some of my top tips to make time for God, which I need to listen to as much as the next person.

1. Find the best time of the day
Is it the morning before the day starts?, or is it the evening just before bed and you switch off? Is it at 11:23 in the morning? Find whatever time is the best time for you and write it in the diary.

2. All you need is 10 minutes
You don't need a whole hours grand plan and firework display to end, all you need is 10 minutes to hear, read and think about God. If the morning works for you then plan to get up 10 minutes earlier or go to bed 10 minutes later.

3. Don't worry about it
Take it slow and don't be discouraged. If you miss day or even a week, it's no big deal. Each day is a new day and don't be…

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